What is the best time to go on a safari?

Anytime of the year is always ideal. This depends on your personal preference and schedule. However, below is a relevant guideline.

Jan - March: nice and warm weather just ideal for a safari

April - June: Good discounts on accommodation can be enjoyed. Its the best time for budget conscious travellers

July - October: During winter holidays abroad and schools summer breaks

Nov - Dec: Nice and warm weather and Christmas holidays

What kind of accommodation is available on safari

Accommodation ranges between basic camping to luxurious 5-star night stops. The budget and rooms availability for the requested dates of travel, determine what we recommend to our clients from time to time.

What do I need to wear on safari?

We always customize an email to our clients with suitably recommended outfits based on the type of tour itinerary and weather. However, clothes for warm weather during daytime are advisable, bearing in mind that most of the nights are also cool and may require a few heavy clothes too.

Comfortable walking shoes may be deemed a necessity. A hat and some pair of sunglasses are recommended.

How do I plan my itinerary? 

We always have something to offer from the website / catalogue. You could also send to us your own preferred choice of destinations and experiences with which we can tailor-make a tour for you.

What do I need to carry on safari?

Items that may enhance your safari experience; Guide books, pair of binoculars, camera (With enough charge or charger) and drinking water. Other requirements may be advised for specific requests in good time.

What travel documents do I require to have?

A valid passport is compulsory for all foreigners. We however recommend that you liaise with your foreign affairs / immigration office back home for more current details on other legal requirements that may be placed from time to time.

Can I travel in a private vehicle?

Yes. please remember to submit this request at the time of booking the tour. This way we will be able to present to you the appropriate vehicle type and tour price. 

Types of food available on safari? 

Most of our food outlets offer African cuisines and continental dishes. In the recent past, oriental cuisines have been gaining popularity. However, with specific request on preferred diet we will be able to advise accordingly.

What about the water? 

We recommend the use of  bottled water at all times for drinking. This is readily available locally for sale. Some hotels offer bottled drinking water in the guest rooms for free but at a fee when you request from across the counter or at the restaurants.

What's the local currency? 

The local currency is Kenya Shilling which is available in the following denominations: 0.50 cents, 1, 5,10,20,40 coins, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 notes. Foreign currency can be exchanged for local currency by local banks and forex bureau.

Sterling Pounds, Euros and US dollar bills (not older than year 2000) are accepted in many tourist facilities.

Use of Visa Cards and Master cards has also gained popularity over the years in many tourist facilities.

Please contact us for further information just in case your country's currency is not covered here.

Can I bring my electrical appliances on safari? 

The electricity supply in Kenya is 220/240v 50hz. Plugs are 3 point square (An adaptor is necessary for a 2pin device).

How much should I tip on safari? 

Tipping on safari is absolutely optional. A good service by a porter or a driver guide is however worth rewarding. We always advise our clients on request regarding the tipping guideline, based on their safari choice.

Please contact us for any further information not covered herein:

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